This is my Stargate Origins trailer reaction.

Because of my Official Blog writing for StargateCommand, I was sent a link to the Oifficial Stargate Origins trailer a day early.

When I saw the link in my inbox, I freaked out. I was so excited to see how it all looked and what was coming. This was a few weeks before the release of episodes 1-3.

So I figured, I may as well make a video of my reaction instead of just writing about it.

So get ready to see me GEEK OUT!

So that’s it! What a nerd I am.

Since I shot this, the Stargate Origins series has begun posting on StargateCommand. I highly recommend you check it out to watch the series, as well as all kinds of character bios, theories, clips, and episode recaps.

Right now, I’m patiently awaiting episode 4.

Lincoln Hoppe is an actor, writer, and filmmaker in Los Angeles, CA. 

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