I Had No Idea 

When I first auditioned for Stargate Origins, I didn’t even know what I was auditioning for.

When I went to callbacks, I still didn’t know what I was auditioning for.

Then, when I was cast, I still didn’t even know what I was cast in!

As an actor, they sometimes don’t tell us much. Especially when it’s a super-top-secret-amazing-rebirth-of-an-amazing-property-like-Stargate.

It wasn’t until I got the scripts and starting reading that things came into focus.

Reading the Script

I sat down with a highlighter, and began reading.

“This is good,” I thought.
Reading on.
“This is really good. But something seems familiar.”

“Hang on. Did that just say… ‘Stargate’”?
Skimming backwards…
“It says… Stargate…”
“Hmm. These people are going to get sued by Stargate for using a Stargate.”

Still reading…

“Holy crap, it says Stargate again!”
Fliping pages….
“And again!”
Eyes bulge while flipping pages…
“It keeps referring to a Stargate!”
Dropping script dramatically…
Script echoing in slow-motion as it hits the tile floor…

“Holy crap! I’m in the new Stargate!”

Unabashed, jubilant, free-form victory dance….and a slightly pulled muscle.

I couldn’t’ believe it! Stargate was a movie I loved. A show I watched regularly (back when SG-1 was still on the air!)

Congratulations, but Shhhhh!

And I was joining the cast!

But wait… what this? An attached PDF? A non-disclosure agreement?

And this? A social media embargo?!

“Ahahahahaha! This is definitely THE Stargate!”

So there it was.

I’ve worked with some huge actors, starred in award-winning films, won acting awards and film festivals.

Lincoln Hoppe Firing MP38 Airborne Creed

Lincoln Hoppe Firing an MP38 in “Saints & Soldiers: Airborne Creed”

I’ve done a lot of amazing projects in my day. (See my IMDB listing of films and TV shows here http://www.imdb.me/lincolnhoppe ) I’ve had lots of professional milestones and accomplishments…

But I had just gotten some of the most exciting news of my entire acting career… and I could tell…. NO-ONE!!!

I could tell no-one!!! What?!

No Social Media

No tweets. No Facebook. No Instagram. No nothing!

I do a lot of social media, and it was almost too much to bear. (See my social media links below)

Now keep in mind, this was months before they released the Stargate Origins cast list to the world. Even further back before they released the Behind the Scenes trailer where you can see me a bunch.

And I could tell no-one!!! I couldn’t even tell my mom! (She’s a big fan of mine. Well, not as big a fan as she used to be. But she will be again when she sees Stargate Origins.)

And it was killing me! It was like having the greatest secret in the world, and I just had to let time unfold to tell the tale.

So eventually I talked to my manager.

Telling My Manager 

Me: “Uhhhm, do you… know anything about that project I was cast in?”
McKenzie: Not really. (long pause) Do you?!
Me: Uhhh. Yeah.
McKenzie: What is it?!
(Longer pause)

I could tell my manager, right? She should know anyway.

McKenzie: If you don’t want to say…
Me: STARGATE! I’m in the new Stargate series!
McKenzie: What?! That’s amazing!
Me: Don’t tell anyone!

So as you can probably imagine, when all the entertainment magazines and Stargate sites officially announced the cast, I was ecstatic.

More to Come to Stargate Command!

During filming, we were not allowed to post anything to social media from the set. So to counterbalance that, the production team wisely hired 2 behind the scenes videographers shooting photos and videos all the time, with Stargate Command’s editor, Kieran Dickson, coordinating….Like all the time.

So guess what? There’s tons of exclusive behind the scenes video and photos that will be coming out over the next several months. Almost all of it through Stargate Command! I’m so excited! So stay tuned!

If you haven’t seen the first Behind the Scenes Teaser, watch it! It represents like, I’m guessing less than 1% of what was shot on set. There’s so much more to come!

Stargate Origins premieres February 15th, 2018 on Stargate Command!
It’s a news and streaming service for ALL THINGS STARGATE!

Be one of the first to watch!

Lincoln Hoppe is an actor, writer, and filmmaker in Los Angeles, CA. 

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