Stargate Origins

A New Stargate Series with Lincoln Hoppe

New: Stargate Origins!

There’s a new Stargate TV Series I’m in called Stargate Origins by MGM. I’m so excited for this to come out! It’s been a blast to shoot and amazing to work with everyone.

I’ve got a new official blog hosted on Stargate Command, and here on my website! You can also watch the behind the scenes trailer and see my first Stargate blog here!

StargateCommand is releasing a new episode each week on and you can watch the first 3 episodes for FREE!  Watch now!

Days till Stargate Origins Finale! Episodes 8-10








Stefan – Official Character Bio

A member of Brücke’s unit and an infantryman in the German Army, Stefan is not exceptionally bright – but wholly dedicated to the Nazi cause.

His willingness to put his life on the line at a moment’s notice illustrates his blind faith in Hitler’s vision for world domination. Even so, he has shown a desire to pursue his own personal glory – a habit that his commanding officer, Brücke finds endlessly annoying.

Stefan’s obedience and skills as a fighter (he’s particularly handy with a knife) ought to make him Brücke’s favorite underling, yet the young soldier’s tall stature and Aryan looks – which frequently draw the eye of the unit’s photographer, Eva – have caused the older, scar-faced Brücke to be jealous of Stefan.

So much so, that Brücke often needlessly puts his subordinate in harm’s way and delights in doing so.

Bio from Stargate Command

Watch Stargate Origins

You can watch Stargate Origins steaming on Stargate Command!

Episodes 1 – 3 are FREE with registration, and then it’s $20 US to get full access and watch all the episodes as they are released.

Go now to the Episode Section of Stargate Command

My Official Staragte Blog “Actor’s View”

I was delighted to be asked to write a Behind the Scenes Blog of my experiences on set of Stargate Origins. As the only cast member authorized to write about my behind the scenes experience, I’m very grateful. Enjoy!

So Stargate fans! Read my blog to find behind the scenes information you won’t find anywhere else!

Stargate Origins Blog #1: Behind the Scenes Trailer 1

A look at the first Stargate Origins BTS trailer and my commentary.

“What an amazing week! And what better way to end it than with Entertainment Weekly’s exclusive release of the Stargate Origins first Official Behind the Scenes (BTS) teaser. And I’m in it! A bunch! Ok, so maybe…”

Read more!

Stargate Origins Blog #2: Getting the Part

Read what I went through when I found out I got the part in Stargate Origins.

“I Had No Idea  When I first auditioned for Stargate Origins, I didn’t even know what I was auditioning for. When I went to callbacks, I still didn’t know what I was auditioning for. Then, when I was cast, I still didn’t even know what I was cast in! As an…”

Read more!

Stargate Origins Blog #3: Our Amazing Director

A look at the first Stargate Origins BTS trailer and my commentary.

“Trust me, you are going to love Stargate Origins director. Let me count down just a few of the reasons why….”

Read more!

Stargate Origins Blog #4: Life on Set

A day in the life on the set of Stargate Origins!

“I arrive early. I’m excited, I can’t help it. I waited in my car for as long as I could, but I can’t wait any longer to step into my favorite world away from home. I walk into the gated fence. I’m quickly greeted by Ted, 2nd AD. He always looks and sounds…”

Read more!

Stargate Origins Blog #5: Our Catherine Langford

Meet the star of Stargate Origins, Ellie Gall as young Catherine Langford! ”

Ellie Gall. Funny. Spirited. Outgoing. Fiery. A lot like Catherine Langford. Just watch any of her behind the scenes moments and you’ll see. I particularly love it when she fires her pistol, but then still says “bang” afterwards. Ahahaha! I love it! In fact…”

Read more!

Stargate Origins Blog #6: Auditions

My experience auditioning for Stargate Origins.

“As actors, we land roles through auditions. Ask any actor about auditions, and they’ll all say the same thing: We love them, and we hate them. It’s a complicated relationship. I got an email from my manager, McKenzie, saying I had an audition. It was a show I had never heard of….they were using a code name. I was asked to…”

Read more!

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Stargate Origins Trailers, Teasers, and BTS

Below, you can watch all the trailers and behind the scenes teasers. All with at least a clip or two of me!

All these were originally released on Stargate Command

Official Trailer for Stargate Origins

Behind the Scenes trailer #1

Behind the Scenes Trailer #2

Stargate Origins Teaser Trailer

Lincoln Hoppe’s Film Demo Reel

Stargate Pictures

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