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Lincoln in Stargate Origins!

There’s a new Stargate TV Series I’m in called Stargate Origins by MGM. I’m so excited for this to come out! It’s been a blast to shoot and amazing to work with everyone. I’ve got a new official blog hosted on Stargate Command, and here on my website! You can also watch the behind the scenes trailer and see my first Stargate blog here! Here’s my blog of when I found out I got the part. New Stargate blogs every week, so check back!

Days till Stargate Origins Episodes 8, 9, 10








Lincoln Hoppe in Stargate Origins

I was cast in the new Stargate series in 2017. You can my official blogs giving insight into the behind the scenes process on Stargate Command or here with my blogs! With a release date of February 15th, 2018, Stargate Origins may very well change the world forever. Below, you can watch all the trailers and behind the scenes teasers. All with a little dose of Lincoln.

Film Demo Reel

Lincoln Hoppe on Film

Lincoln has been working in film in Los Angeles for more than 14 years. In addition to creating a large following on social media with his original comedy, he has been cast in major films and TV shows for the likes of CBS, DreamWorks, NBC, the Disney Channel, MGM and more.  See a few clips of his work below!

Saints & Soldiers: Airborne Creed

This is my favorite movie I’ve had the privilege of acting in. It could be because I co-wrote and star it,  but it also has a wonderful message about seeing people for who they are –not through prejudice or stereotypes. It’s rated PG-13 for mild war violence, but other than that it’s pretty safe for family viewing. I play Erich Neumann, a German Officer who finally gets a chance to do something he believes in during a terrible time. Spoiler Alert: Some of the clips below contain spoilers

Hammer Suite: a Short Film

Hammer Suite is a short film I wrote and directed.

Voice Over Work

Hey! I’m also a professional Voice Over Artist! I’ve narrated tons of Audiobooks, played voices in animated shorts and feature films, voiced video game characters, and done lots of voices for Radio and TV commercials. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t tell you I’ve won a bunch of pretty awesome awards that I’m terribly proud of. Audie, Odyssey, and Earphone Awards to name a few. I’ve been so fortunate to work with so many amazing authors, directors, engineers and producers. I narrate most often for Penguin Random House audio. They’re awesome!

Okay for Now

by Gary D. Schmidt Odyssey Honor Award Winner, Audiofile Earphone Award Winner “Narrator Hoppe wears this audiobook like Doug’s beloved baseball jacket and his empathetic performance echoes long after the last word.” -Odyssey Awards “Lincoln Hoppe has no trouble finding a voice for the hero or accenting the novel’s dark, lyrical tone.  Just as skillfully, Hoppe delivers meaningful depictions of the minor characters. His considerable talents paint a vivid portrait of a troubled family and an unforgettable hero.” -AudioFile Magazine

Marcelo in the Real World

by Fransisco Stork AudiFile Earphone Award Winner “Narrator Lincoln Hoppe finds his way into this teen’s struggle with Asperger’s syndrome with a soft hesitancy that’s at once appealing and believable… capturing Marcelo’s innocence with a delicate subtlety that remains pitch-perfect throughout” – AudioFile Magazine


by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff 2016 Audie Award Winner, AudioFile Magazine Earphone Award Winner “Audio Illuminae is a glorious, magnificent, beautiful, breathtaking work of art.” -Faerie Fits “During my first read I hardly cared about AIDAN or Kady at all, but with the audio they’re both given voices (and tremendous voice actors), so this extra layer of emotion is added and it’s absolutely stunning.” -The Amazing Bookshelf   “…The voyage is threatened by a pursuing warship, a dangerous virus, and AIDAN, the military ship’s increasingly unstable AI. Told through documents, recorded communications, transcribed footage, and the narrative from AIDAN, this story is a behemoth of a space opera. The cast handles a bevy of moving parts with grace and masterful concentration, combining humor and terror with hope and determination.” -AudioFile Magazine

Letters from Skye

by Jessica Brockmole Elle Newlands, Katy Townsend, and Lincoln Hoppe lead an ensemble that delivers a poignant and irresistible epistolary romance. Hoppe’s earnest soft voice often betrays a mischievous smile. Listeners will revel in the intimacy of the performances.” -AudioFile Magazine


by Vince Vawter AudioFile Magazine Earphones Award Winner “Lincoln Hoppe’s narration is pure perfection. Hoppe brings out Little Man’s endearing vulnerability and portrays the stutter with a tender ease and grace that will make listeners feel empathy and hope for the boy. All of Hoppe’s character voices are natural and true as Little Man’s encounters with his paper customers teach him so many lessons about disability, weakness, and strength.” -AudioFile Magazine

White Tears

by Harry Kunzru AudioFile Magazine Earphones Award Winner “Kunzru’s latest offers a fascinating intermingling of the mistreatment of black Americans, immorality in the music field, and magical realism–all delivered by three talented narrators, Lincoln Hoppe, Danny Campbell, and Dominic Hoffman. Hoppe, Campbell, and Hoffman perform this engrossing, convoluted tale with all its serious implications intact” -AudioFile Magazine

The Seventeen Second Miracle

by Jason F. Wright “I loved this book. Everything about it is perfect. The storyline and narration…..just a beautiful book.” -Audible Customer, Colorado “Made me think, made me cry, made me change and want to change to be a better person in this world. I will look for more of Hoppe’s recordings as this one was a 10. Absolutely the best book this year I have read. If I do something kind for one person, this book made a difference in this world. Most books can not begin to claim that. PERIOD.” -Audible Customer Deborah, Evansville IN