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Come laugh at our Improv Comedy show Saturday Jan 20 at 8pm! With @mattmattson @kirbyheyborne @maclainnelson (and Zanon Schmidt who apparently doesn’t have Instagram 😂) #comedy #improv #improvcomedy #improvcomedyshow #comedyshow
2 days ago
My Stargate Origins Audition! Read exclusively about my experience and a few things actors never tell you!...
4 days ago
I liked a @YouTube video Rolf Reviews Paddington 2 starring Hugh Grant, Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins
2 weeks ago
Recording book 3 of #illuminaefiles #Obsidio at @penguinrandom (left to right)
Erin - Director
Lincoln - voice of AIDAN
Olivia - voice of Kady Grant
Lisa - voice of Ella Malikova
Written by @AmieKaufman & @misterkristoff #audiobook #audiobooks #actor #voiceover #actorslife
Lincoln Hoppe
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Actor, Filmmaker, Creator, Dad. Cast of the new Stargate Origins Series. Youtube = LincolnHoppe
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Lincoln Hoppe

I'm an Actor/Writer/Filmaker in Los Angeles. Cast of the new #StargateOrigins
Lincoln Hoppe
Lincoln Hoppe2 days ago
My Stargate Origins Audition! Read exclusively about my experience and a few things actors never tell you!

My blog series called "Stargate Origins - An Actor's View" is published through Stargate Command and then to my website at

#actor #actors #actorslife #stargate #stargateorigins #stargatecommand #audition #auditions

Stargate Origins Stargate SG-1 Stargate Stargate Atlantis Stargate Universe Stargate Official Fanpage McKenzie Van Dorne-Rice IMDb
Lincoln Hoppe
Lincoln Hoppe1 week ago
It's awesome to narrate and amazing book! Let alone the 3rd in an incredible series! One of my all time favorites!
We just recorded together at Penguin Random House 's LA studios
Pictured left to right:
Erin Spencer - Director
Lincoln Hoppe - voice of AIDAN
Olivia Taylor Dudley - voice of Kady Grant
Lisa Cordileone - voice of Ella Malikova

If you are a science fiction fan, you must check out #illuminae #illuminaefiles #gemina #obisdio
Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
Book 1: Illuminae -
Book 2: Gemina -
Book 3: Obsidio (coming out this year! and you can pre-order on Audible!

Audible Listening Library AudioFile Magazine SYFY
#audiobook #audiobooks #narrator #narration #actorslife #voiceover #scifi #sciencefiction #books

Sample more of my narrations at
Its technically a 'teen' title, but SO GOOD for old people like me too.